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Gemcoins, Guard Cards and More


Steve Chen with badges and exposed firearm

Things have been slowly heating up for the John Wuo, Steve Chen and Gemcoin scandal in Arcadia California.

BehindMLM, the blog which broke the story has recently published a new story on a USFIA Club event held in Arcadia where Steve Chen can be seen hosting the event obviously armed. The event was reported as being a ribbon cutting for USFIA Club.  It is unknown what the other people at the event contributed to be involved in the ceremony. Also present at the event was “Mannix” AKA John Ping Zhong Zou.  Both Zou and Chen are wearing security guard uniforms, are armed and have name tags which lead to further investigation of Chen and Zou.

zou with booze

John “Mannix” Zou – Looking drunk

Previously, Zou was identified by USFIA as an expert gem appraiser, but he has also appeared at several events as a security guard.  The name badges worn by Zou and Chen had the name of the security company which trained them to qualify for an exposed weapons permit, Great Wall Security.  A search of California BSIS the licenses of Chen and Zou were able to be verified.  The mere fact they have both appeared armed at several events adds to the possibility previous investors in USFIA/Gemcoin have been threatened with bodily harm should they ask for their money back or question what is going on with the companies.  It is important to note that with their guard cards, both Chen and Zou are able to wear exposed firearms on their person while they are operating in the course of their employment as security officers.

JohnnyJemcoinJohnny Gemcoin Wuo can not be forgotten either.  At the most recent Arcadia city council meeting, several people came forward to ask John for his resignation in light of his involvement in what most people are seeing as a ponzi scheme.  An attorney has started to work with the victims of the scheme and a class action suit is likely to be filed very soon.  Arcadia weekly has provided additional coverage along with The Sierra Madre Tattler and The Pasadena Star News.  NPR, Fox News have also picked up the story.  KTTV Fox11 are following the story closely enough that they have actually opened the 10PM newscast with the story.  Various sources are reporting a multi agency response to investigate Wuo, Chen, USFIA and their surrounding companies.

shotayIn an interesting, yet still unknown motive maneuver, has scrubbed all of the articles related to John Wuo and USFIA/Gemcoin from their archives.  Prior to the removal of the Gemcoin articles, coverage of USFIA/Gemcoin/UCCA were all positive reports of events.  The ChinaDailyUSA site has now turned to reporting the article more like the Southern California press.  ChinaDailyUSA is owned/operated by Arcadia City Council member Sho Tay.  Councilman Tay has also been tied to a large real estate developer who has hosted parties for Tay.  The Singpoli Group is the development company tied to Tay, which has several advertisements on the site. The Singpoli Group also hosted a party for Sho Tay on the night of his election to the City Council after several unsuccessful attempts. was also previously actively promoting WCM777 prior to its shutdown by the SEC.  The removal of the Wuo related articles on Tay’s site make it pretty clear he is other trying to cover himself by taking the other side, or is helping to destory evidence showing John Wuo is actually involved in Gemcoin.  Based on the video reporting showing small portions of the speeches given by Wuo to potential and current Gemcoin customoers the raw footage of these events would have additional evidence to document the statements and endorsement of Chen’s companies.

Where will this go next?  Nobody can be 100% sure, but we will continue to update you on this case.