A legacy of love continues: Anniversary Memories


By Diana J. Ingram
Sitting in the cozy kitchen of Art and Ludi Cozzi, I felt time disappear. Looking at their wedding pictures of sixty-four years previous, the young couple in the black and white pictures warped with the couple sixty-four years later. Years and decades may have passed, but the look of love remained. You knew you were in the presence of something magical, eternal young love made manifest with time. I slowly looked at the wedding album, at pictures that seemed to me like out of a fairy tale. It was on October 23, 1949 that Ludouina Silva and Arthur Cozzi became life partners in Gustine. The service was performed by Father John Forde. Their Maid of Honor was Adeline Silva and the Best Man was John P. DiGiorno. Theirs was a huge wedding of 350 people, and they had a large, festive reception. Their honeymoon was in Las Vegas, and the Monterey coast.
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