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paperlogoonlyTo advertise in The Paper or to sponsor an article, Please contact The Paper at 830 I St, Los Banos, CA 93635 or call us at 209-826-1939.  Our email addresses are and

Online Advertising space is available for an additional $10.00 with purchase of an advertisement in our print edition.  Online Ads can either be placed within full content or placed on the webpage side bar for the same period as the print run.  Banner advertisements which appear on the top of the page are exclusive to the purchaser during the time of the run and available at $50 per week during the run of the associated print ad.

General Ads

Here are the approximate dimensions for the folowing size ads:

  • 2×3     $35.00 per run
  • 2×4     $45.00 per run
  • 2×5     $55.00 per run
  • 2×2     $25.00 per run
  • Additional fee for Color
  • 3×3     $65.00 per run
  • 3×4     $75.00 per run
  • 3×5     $85.00 per run
  • Additional Fee for Color

Quarter / Half / Full Page Rates:

  • Quarter Page Black & White $200 Color $250
  • Half Page Black & White $400 Color $450
  • Full Page Black & White $800 Color $Free

Business / Services Directory Rates (1 Month Min):

  • $10 Per Run ($40.00 Minimum)

Pre Printed Flyers / Inserts: $30.00 Per 1000

Sponsorship Advertising:

Special community related special sponsorship advertisements are being developed (Student of The Week, Athlete of The Week, Etc.)  Please contact our office for information on these ads.

Sponsored internet only articles are also available.  Please contact our office for further details.  Sponsorship of the On-Line Scanner is also available at $150/Month.  Scanner sponsorship comes with a free online only advertisement and is used to cover the bandwidth costs associated with the service.

Questions?  Contact us at:

The Paper

830 I St

Los Banos, CA 93635

(209)826-1939 /

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