Chowchilla Area CHP reports Fatal Collision During Pursuit

On 05/8/2019 at approximately 2126 hours, the Merced Communication Center (MCC) broadcast a possible DUI driver in a gold Ford sedan, with a California plate, northbound State Route 99(SR-99) from Avenue 18 1/2. The vehicle was described as driving “all over the roadway”.

At 2135 hours, California Highway Patrol (CHP) Madera Area Office Sergeant Lloyd Pratt, ID 13569, observed a gold Ford Taurus with the matching plate from the broadcast traveling northbound SR-99 approaching Robertson Boulevard off ramp at 25 miles per hour. The Ford was impeding traffic and had approximately six vehicles traveling behind it. As the Ford exited Robertson Boulevard, it drifted into the opposing lane by approximately four feet.
Sergeant Pratt activated his patrol vehicle’s emergency lights to conduct an enforcement stop. The Ford appeared as if it were about to yield when it continued northbound on the offramp. It then continued through the stop sign at the bottom of the ramp and into the intersection of
Robertson Boulevard, where it collided into the bumper of a vehicle traveling westbound. This caused the Ford to travel into a dirt field on the north side of Robertson Boulevard. The Ford then turned and continued its travel westbound on Robertson Boulevard. Sergeant Pratt
continued in pursuit of the Ford. The speed of the Ford varied between 50 and 60 MPH in light traffic. The Ford continued through the city of Chowchilla on Robertson Boulevard which turned into southbound State Route 223 (SR-223). Once the vehicle left the city limits it
accelerated and increased its speed to 105 MPH. Approximately one mile outside the Chowchilla City limits, the Ford drifted off the east roadway and struck a palm tree north of Avenue 23 1/2. Sergeant Pratt, and a just arriving Chowchilla Police Department Officer (Not
involved with the pursuit), approached the Ford and observed the driver still behind the wheel.

As a result of the collision, the right front passenger, due to not wearing her safety harness was thrown into the rear seats of the vehicle. Sergeant Pratt broke out the right rear window
to gain access to the passenger compartment and to check the passenger. Discovering the passenger to have no pulse, Sergeant Pratt pulled her from the vehicle and started to initiate CPR. Responding CHP units continued CPR until emergency medical personnel arrived on scene and pronounced the passenger deceased. Due to her injuries, the driver was transported to the hospital. The driver was determined to be unlicensed and to be driving under the influence of drugs at the time of the collisions. Ms. S. Kelley was arrested for violation 192(a)PC (Vehicular Manslaughter), 2800.3VC (Felony evading causing a fatal injury), 23152(f)VC (Felony DUI-Drugs) and 12500(a)VC (driving unlicensed).

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