CHP Reports Fatal Traffic Collision in Visalia Area

On 10/27/2017, at approximately 2111 hours, Mr. Jose Diaz was driving his 2014 Jeep, at approximately 70 mph in the fast lane of westbound SR-198, west of Lovers Lane. Mr. Reese Logan was driving his 2000 Ford truck just behind Mr. Diaz, at approximately 65 mph in the slow lane. As the two vehicles proceeded westbound, a pedestrian walked northbound out of the center divider, and approached the westbound lanes of SR-198. The pedestrian was dressed in a black and red hat, black jacket, black pants, and black shoes. For unknown reasons, the pedestrian ran into the fast lane of westbound SR -198 directly in the path of Mr. Diaz. Due to the darkness and the pedestrian’s dark clothing, Mr. Diaz was unable to see the pedestrian until it was too late, and Mr. Diaz’s was unable to avoid hitting the pedestrian with his Jeep. The force of the impact propelled the pedestrian into the air and he landed in the slow lane of SR-198, directly in front of Mr. Reese. Mr. Reese was unable to avoid the pedestrian and struck the pedestrian with his Ford truck. Both Mr. Diaz and Mr. Reese pulled to the right shoulder, and walked back towards the now deceased pedestrian. As they were walking, Ms. Goodin-Milhous approached the scene in her 2003 Toyota. Ms. Goodin-Milhous was in the slow lane and had slowed to an unknown speed as she saw the vehicles ahead of her stopped on the right shoulder. Ms. Goodin-Milhous suddenly saw the pedestrian laying in the road and swerved. Despite her evasive maneuver, Ms. Goodin-Milhous was unable avoid hitting the deceased pedestrian with her Toyota. Finally, another unknown vehicle struck the deceased pedestrian before the lane could be closed by police. The last vehicle was described as traveling at high speed, but did not stop at the scene, and could not be described by the involved parties or witnesses.

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