Colorado and New Hampshire also issue orders against WCM777 today released information that Colorado and New Hampshire have also released notices to the public regarding WCM777, World Capital Market, World Capital Market Limited, and Ming Xu have been selling unregistered securities to the public.

The Colorado and New Hampshire additions to the list make a total of 4 U.S. States which are advising their citizens the investment opportunity is not legal and reports should be made to authorities regarding the company.  It is also compelling that Ming Xu is showing a pattern of quickly and quietly settling these charges through stipulated agreements to halt kingdom777-logorecruitment, sales and business related actions.  Perhaps they feel these agreements are not binding due to them being directed at World Capital Market and WCM777 when the business as a whole has been sold to Kingdom777.

Colorado documents can be found here.  New Hampshire documents can be found here.

The question at this time is how will Ming Xu and James Tenorio attempt to wiggle around these orders and keep unknowing people involved in the scam.  Insider reports show the addition to the scheme is distracting many by reporting the price of a “Kingdom Point” has and is rapidly rising.  The platform is reporting sales at well above the $1.00 rate at which the points were purchased and has announced rates upwards of $7.00.  Members however are having problems actually being able to sell at these rates.  Team leaders are citing server moves and user error for these problems, and encouraging people to hang on to their “points” as they will continue to increase in value.  Team Leaders such as Steve Hoffman of “Kingdom Group” are reporting they have made sales through the platform, in direct contradiction of the statements that all U.S. accounts are currently locked by the company as they seek a way to be compliant with various state and federal laws. {Note:  Hoffman has contacted thIs site to clarify he did not make US based transactions} Hoffman claims to have inside information from Ming Xu {Note: Hoffman denies having inside information and suggests people meet with Ming Xu personally for information which will prove the program is not a scam} and posted the following picture of his meeting with Ming:

mingandsteveI wonder who that guy is on the left..  Phil sure doesn’t look to be up to his polished image in this photo.

More on this story as it develops..

[Editors Note:  People promoting the “opportunity” have accused this and other site’s reporting the discovery of documentation from state officials and analysis of the revenue generation/sharing plan as being negative are welcome to present us with an email address for correspondence for a frank, public discussion of the facts from each parties perspective.]