Fresno CHP Auto Theft Task Force Makes Arrest

The Fresno Help Eliminate Auto Theft Task Force (Fresno H.E.A.T.) attempted to contact the driver of a stolen vehicle while it was stopped at a Chevron gas station at Belmont Avenue and Fowler Avenue. As several H.E.A.T. team members approached on foot, wearing clearly marked POLICE and SHERIFF vests, the male driver (Arellano) who was seated in drivers seat, saw them coming. H.E.A.T. team members identified themselves and ordered him out of the vehicle. Instead of surrendering, Arellano decided to flee. He accelerated forward and intentionally rammed a vehicle that was parked at the gas pumps in front of him. He backed up, then rammed the vehicle ahead of him a second time before rapidly accelerating away. He struck a fire hydrant and water main as he turned northbound on Fowler Avenue. Arrelano struck the raised center median Fowler Avenue, causing both right side tires of the stolen vehicle to go flat. Unmarked H.E.A.T. units followed at normal speeds until air unit CHP H40 arrived along with marked Fresno Police units. The stolen vehicle traversed numerous surface streets driving on two flat tires. He eventually entered northbound SR-41 from Divisidero Street. Arellano finally came to a stop in the center median of northbound SR-41 north of McKinley Avenue. Arellano surrendered without further incident. Arellano was suspected to under the influence of drugs at the time of his arrest. A Drug Evaluation was completed and Arellano was booked into the Fresno County Jail on numerous charges.

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