Honoring Ned and Patti Ryan /Habitat for Humanity

Let us begin by saying THANK YOU to two very special people. Ned and his wife and sidekick in life, Patti Ryan have been instrumental in bringing Habitat for Humanity to Merced County’s westside – and building it up to the successful, social enterprise it is today. It is with a heavy heart and joy filled tears that we send these two off to be closer to family, but before they go we wanted to acknowledge their enormous contribution to our work and the westside community.
Since 1997, when Habitat Westside was still a chapter to the multifaceted organization it is today – Ned, with the unwavering support of Patti – has given both his time and effort to help others. Ned has seen this program grow, improved the lives of countless families who were able to become homeowners, helped create a rehab and repair program in order to serve more families, and offered hope to a community in need.
This has been a fulltime job for Ned, even before he retired from his day job. His efforts extend well beyond building houses. Ned has been an instrumental fundraiser, written grants, gone out into the community to present on behalf of the cause or whatever else needs to be done. He has demonstrated exceptional commitment, service and creativity, and because of this, he pulled the community together to compete 11 houses in 2011 alone.

To read more about Ned and his wonderful work, please purchase a copy of The Paper.