Letter to the Editor, by Marianne Casella Peluso

Dear Editor,

Languorously waking from a quiet sleep before daybreak will come to a dead halt as one is suddenly hearing the thud-thud of the local garbage collection company’s magnificent monstrosity of a vehicle steer down the placid, tree-lined street. The blinking lights of the driver’s truck imitate those of Hollywood’s rendition of flying saucers, and if the household window coverings are thin, these bright illuminations tend to penetrate through to the eyes of the sleeping occupants whose bedroom window faces the route of the garbage truck.

Gasp! It’s garbage day? Once an unfortunate individual realizes that the home’s garbage receptacles were not placed outside, time swiftly becomes of the essence and a trip at breakneck speed must be taken to alleviate the problem of missing garbage day pickup. There is absolutely no time to be fashion-conscious, as any piece of outer clothing will do. Flinging open the back gate with the intensity of a banshee warrior, one makes every effort to haul the 3 cans out to the curb. But wait! There on the street in the early morning darkness await the Knights in Shining Garbage Man Armor! Swiftly and happily, two Allied Waste Services employees race to assist the homeowner in order to avert this calamity of haphazardly missing the assigned weekday that trash is picked up.

I would like to publicly thank the exceptional employees of Allied Waste Services for their daily assistance in hauling garbage in our wonderful community of Los Banos.

Marianne Casella Peluso

Los Banos


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