Merced County Libraries Lend Blood Pressure Monitors

The Merced County Library has launched a new program that makes blood pressure kits available to patrons for check-out. The blood pressure kits contain an electronic blood pressure monitor, blood pressure log, and educational materials and can be checked out at all library branches for seven days; it’s as easy as checking out a new book. The program is a partnership with the Merced County Department of Public Health and aims to increase awareness and self-monitoring of blood pressure.

The Merced County Department of Public Health is one of six counties in California that has
received a four-year Lifetime of Wellness (LOW) grant from the California Department of Public Health.  LOW focuses on the prevention of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. LOW provided blood pressure kits and education materials for check-out to the county library. “Self-monitoring of blood pressure allows individuals to track their readings and share the information with their doctor so the condition can be better managed,” states Kanwaldeep Bains, Supervising Health Educator with the Merced County Department of Public Health.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. In Merced County,  similar to the state and nation, about 1 in 3 people have high blood pressure. Nationally, only about half of people with high blood pressure have the condition under control. “Merced County Libraries provide access to information. The Library is happy to partner with Department of Public Health to connect residents with blood pressure kits. These are one of the many resources available at the library to assist customers on their journey to a healthy lifestyle,” said Amy Taylor, Merced County Librarian.

The monitors are now available at all library branches. For more information visit the Merced County Library page at

For more information on Lifetime of Wellness, contact Kanwaldeep Bains Department of Public
Health at 209-381-1247.

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