Merced County Sheriff’s Possee Performs in Presidential Inaugral Parade in Washington D.C.

It was with a deep feeling of pride I felt while watching our own Merced County Sheriff Posse ride in the Inauguration Parade last Friday. For these 20 members, and their 14 Palomino horses, it was a dream of a lifetime to be able to attend the Parade.

Merced County Sheriff, Vern Warnke has stated “Out of 58 (California) counties, we’re the one representing the state.

Soon after the national election it was announced the Posse would travel to Washington, D.C. to be a part of the historical day. A fundraiser was held to help with expenses for the trip, as well as donations received from many residents within the county. In the end, $80,000 was raised for the trip.

It was pretty remarkable just watching the magnificent horses being loaded onto their trailers, ready for the beginning of the trip. Prior to leaving, what a sight to witness a priest give a blessing to the horses, and all members beginning this journey.

The Posse was created in 1948 as “goodwill ambassadors” for parades and events.

Imagine the feeling these representatives gave to the people in attendance on the parade route that day.

We appreciate the time and work involved by the Posse members, and all who helped in preparation for this trip. It was truly an honor to watch your participation in this Inaugural Parade reflecting the pride of your county.