My Pet Corner

Become An Adoptive
Pet Parent

By Mariann Chew

I am so pleased to hear that more and more individuals and families are rescuing or adopting their pets from animal shelters.  I spoke with a gentleman just this Sunday afternoon who informed me that he has adopted three poodle mix dogs from a shelter and has given them a forever home along with five stray cats that he adopted.
Every Saturday afternoon The Los Banos Volunteers For Animals are at our local Petco with dogs and cats that need to find forever homes.  Petco and our volunteers are providing a great service to these animals and to Los Banos residents.  By adopting a pet instead of purchasing one you have become part of a growing community of people who put animals first by choosing to think adoption first.  The Petco Foundation has raised more than $90 million to support 7,500 animal welfare causes and have helped more than 3 million pets find loving forever homes.  I believe an adopted pet is truly grateful to it’s new family.  They have usually experienced a tough start in life most have suffered some form of neglect or abuse.  To be treated with love and respect is something unusual to them and they are so grateful just to have a safe, warm and loving home.  I have heard countless stories of how a rescued pet has saved it’s owner’s life, usually they warn their people of a fire or protect them from an intruder.  Just recently one story was related to me of a little mix breed dog that detected skin cancer on it’s owners leg by constantly licking the affected area, this action by the dog called the person’s attention to the skin cancer and with the early detection, the melanoma was sucessfully treated and the person’s life was saved.  Many of the cutest dogs on television comercials are rescued dogs, they are usually mixed breeds and quite easy to train.  Shelters also have purebred dogs available for adoption, and if you are looking for a particular breed the Los Banos Volunteers For Animals are always ready to help you find your forever dog, whatever the breed may be.  If you are looking for a pet or have lost one you can look on, just enter your zip code.  When you are thinking of adding a new member to your family, please think adoption first, you will be glad you did.  A great pet is out there waiting for you to give it a forever home.  You can’t buy love but you can adopt it.