Name Change? Is Kingdom777 now Global-Unity?

kingdom777-logoIt still remains to be seen if the information circulating on social media sites is accurate, but if they are to be believed at this time, Kingdom777 has shifted to now be called “Global-Unity”.  There has been no official information released on this topic from World Capital Market or Kingdom777 as of the time of this writing.  There are also no mentions of the name change on the current twitter of Dr. Phil Ming Xu.  With this change the announcement has also been made that accounts with frozen funds in them belonging to USA based affiliates are now able to be accessed and the funds within moved into other platforms.

If verified, this will be the third change of name for the ongoing pyramid/ponzi hybrid which started as WCM777.  The company lately has been shifting away from claims of their cloud based web services business model and are pushing affiliates to believe they will be investing in a project known as Millennium City.  It’s KingdomTrade platform for the exchange of points which can be exchanged for stock appears to be back online as of this time.

With no official documentation from the company, Affiliates should be cautious with logging into these new sites.  It’s unknown at this time who is responsible, and who the people are who are officially running the company.  There has been no official word handed down that Ming Xu is back in charge, however it does appear that way based on the web meetings he has been having with the team leaders and other affiliates.  This scam is morphing into the same scam played out in China several years ago.

An added wrinkle to the name change also comes from Facebook where reports are being made of South American team leaders peeling away from the Kingdom777 brand and starting their own Social Capital companies,  based on the initial scheme which started as WCM777.  These leaders are reporting they are returning to the first pay out model where higher returns are available.

More updates to come as news comes in..