PALCUS presents it’s first ever podcast, Paliticus.

PALCUS (Portuguese-American Leadership Council of the United States) is pleased to announce the launch of its first-ever podcast, PALITICUS. This latest PALCUS initiative focuses on the aim to drive the conversation about important issues facing the Portuguese-American community and U.S. – Portugal relations, in addition to highlighting Portuguese-American officials. The bi-weekly podcast – hosted by Diniz Borges and Angela Simões – will bring together industry experts, lawmakers and political analysts to raise awareness about important issues and encourage more civic involvement and engagement by Portuguese-Americans. Guests already slated to participate in the initial episodes of the podcast schedule include: Congressmen Devin Nunes (CA) and Jim Costa (CA) as well as elected and appointed officials at the state and local levels of government in multiple states.
Enthusiastic about this new way of reaching the Portuguese-American community, PALCUS Chairwoman and co-host Angela Simões, commented: “In addition to this being a much-needed platform in our community to have important conversations with our leaders, I’m excited to see PALCUS utilizing the latest technology and communication tools to drive as much awareness as possible around the great work so many in our community are doing. I hope people enjoy the format and send us suggestions and questions!”
The importance of creating a forum for an active voice within the community is of the essence. “It is imperative that our Portuguese-American communities throughout the United States have a national podcast that allow Portuguese-Americans in public service to be heard. We have an array of Portuguese-Americans in public office, at various levels and it is time that we know their stories and how the community can be more proactive in the political world. As it has been said before in politics you either have a seat at the table or you are the menu” said PALCUS Director and co-host, Diniz Borges.
The podcast will be available for listening, free of charge, on the PALCUS website and in the monthly newsletter, as well as other listening platforms (including Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube).
The podcast can be accessed through : 


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