San Diego Police Involved in Shooting/Barricaded Suspect

San Diego Police are currently on the scene of a shooting at an apartment complex.  There are not many details released to the public, and as of the time of this report residents of the apartment complex are being evacuated from the area.


Suspect appears to be down in the apartment.  Two robots have checked the apartment and found a male suspect not responding on the floor.  The robots did not locate any other persons in the department.

San Diego PD withdrew the robots and sent in a K9 unit to determine if the suspect is actually down, or trying to lure Officers into the apartment.


K9 unit has made entry t the apartment and has bit the suspect, who did not move.  K9 is dragging the suspect to the Officers to secure the suspect.  Officers will also check the apartment for possible devices rigged to cause harm.

The suspect shot through several apartment walls, and several people have been displaced.  San Diego PD is working to find shelter for them.  Officers are checking the surrounding apartments to make sure there are no harmed persons inside.


Confirmation has been made that the suspect was involved in a shoot out with responding Officers.  Attempts are underway to locate the involved weapons and secure the scene.  Reports indicate at least one Officer was shot during this incident.


All of the surrounding apartments have been checked and no additional victims have been located.  Officers are returning to handling calls for service.

Live tag removed from posting.

UPDATE 5: (Final)

Two San Diego PD Officers were inured in this incident, with one listed as serious.  The suspect appears to have been shot causing his death.  The suspect appears to have been wearing body armor at the time of the incident.  It is unknown if the suspects injuries are self inflicted or if he was shot by the responding Officers at this time.

This post will be updated once we receive word of the status of the involved Officer.

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When this incident concludes, the post will be updated to remove the LIVE tag.

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