School Board Meeting Agenda October 12, 2017

LBUSD will be holding it’s regular meeting on October 12, 2017 at City Hall, 520 J St.  Closed Session will start at 6:15 and the public meeting will begin at 7:00.  The agenda is as follows.

A. Call Public Session to Order
B. Roll Call of Board Members Present
Dennis Areias
Margaret Benton
Megan Goin-Soares
Ray Martinez
Gary Munoz
Anthony Parreira
Marlene Smith
Kyle Jackson
C. Closed Session (6:15 P.M.) (All action items)
1. Student Discipline, Cases: #5501207, #8178349228 and #9672789330
2. Public Employee: Discipline/Dismissal/Release/Reassignment (S. 54957)                                 3. Litigation Settlement Case 1:15-CV-00423



Motion by _______________ Seconded by
Proposed Action: Approve Agenda.
Members of the public may request an item be placed on the agenda of a regular
meeting by submitting a request in writing, with all supporting documents, if any, to
the Superintendent at least two weeks before the scheduled meeting date. [BB
General Public Comment:
Individuals wishing to address the Board on items not on the agenda may do so by
approaching the podium. Once recognized, individuals shall identify themselves and
make their statement. Speakers are limited to three (3) minutes, with the total time for
public input at twenty (20) minutes per non-agenda item. [BB 9323]
Public Comment on Agenda Items:
Members of the community may address specific items on the agenda as they are
taken up by the Board in open session or prior to the Board going into closed
session. The Board President will recognize individuals who wish to speak.
Speakers are limited to three (3) minutes, with the total time for public input at
twenty (20) minutes per agenda item. Once public comment on the agenda item is
concluded and the Board begins deliberations or recesses to closed session, no further
public comment shall be permitted on the agenda item. [BB 9323]
1. New Administrators for 2017-18 school year will be introduced.
2. Los Banos High School Student Representative, Kyle Jackson will be introduced.
A. Student Representative Report
B. Los Banos Teachers Association Report
C. California School Employees Association Report
D. Superintendent’s Report
E. Facilities Report
F. Board Member Reports
A.  Bond Measure and Survey Firm Agreement (Page 6)
It is recommended the Board approve the recommendation of the Facilities
Committee to hire True North Research, Inc., to conduct a baseline bond
feasibility research survey.
Motion By_________________ Seconded By______________________
Proposed Action: Approve
B.  2017 CAASPP Scores (Page 12)
Staff will share the preliminary unofficial results from the Spring 2017
administration of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC)
through the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress
(CAASPP) System.
C.  Authorized Signatures (Page 13)
It is recommended the Board adopt Resolution # 25-17 approving the authorized
District Representatives with the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC).
Motion by _______________ Seconded by
Proposed Action: Adopt Resolution
The Consent Calendar represents routine items acted upon in one motion by roll
call vote. The recommendation is for adoption, unless otherwise specified. Any
item can be removed for discussion upon request.
A. Approval of Minutes
Special Meeting, September 9, 2017 (Page 15)
Regular Meeting, September 14, 2017 (Page 16)
B. Personnel Actions
1. Report of Certificated Staffing Actions (Page 22)
2. Report of Classified Staffing Actions (Page 23)
3. Certificated Advancement on Salary Schedule (Page 24)
C. Monthly Fiscal Report (Page 26)
The monthly Fiscal Report is provided for informational purposes.
D.  Annual Report-Community Facilities District #2 (Page 35)
The annual CFD #2 report is provided for information
E.  Annual Report-Developer Fee Collection (Page 77)
The annual Developer Fee report is submitted for informational purposes
F.  Merced County School Boards Association Dues (Page 83)
It is recommended the Board approve payment to the Merced County School
Board Association for the 2017-18 dues.
G. Williams Complaint Summary (Page 85)
It is recommended the Board approve the third quarter Williams Complaint
Summary as submitted.
H. Revised Employees Salary Schedule (Page 87)
Recommend the Board approve the revised salary schedules to include the following:
-Add the Assistant Superintendent Administrative Services to the salary schedule
-Add additional range to salary schedule to accommodate the salary of the position
I.   Mandated Policy Changes/Updates (Second Reading) (Page 90)
It is recommended the Board adopt the following mandated policy updates:
AR 3516.3 Earthquake Emergency Procedure System-New
BP 3515.7 Firearms on School Grounds-New
BP/AR 0450 Comprehensive Safety Plan
BP/AR 0460 Local Control and Accountability Plan-New
BP/AR 5144.1 Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process
BP/AR 5145.3 Nondiscrimination/Harassment
BP/AR 5145.7 Sexual Harassment
J.  Donation (Page 170)
It is recommended the Board approve the donation of $500 from Dennis and Kirsten
Areias to Creekside Junior High School Ambassador Club.
K.  Annual Student Organization Review/Approval (Page 172)
It is recommended the Board approve the updated list of student organizations/
clubs for 2017-18 at Los Banos High School, Pacheco High School, Los Banos
Junior High School and Creekside Junior High School.
L. Agreements/Contracts
1. Agreement MCOE, Business Services/I.T. Contract (Page 177)
2. Agreement, Lane Engineers, Inc., Professional Services Survey (Page 184)
M. Overnight/Out-of-State Travel
1. LBHS Admin, AP Coordinator Conference, Phoenix, AZ Nov. 4, 2017 (Page 196)
2. LBJH CADA Conference, Reno NV Feb. 28- March 3, 2018 (Page 197)
3. LBJH MESA College Road Trip, Nov. 20-22, 2017 (Page 198)
N. Disposal of Obsolete Equipment (Page 199)
It is recommended the Board approve the removal and disposal of obsolete
equipment at LBJH, LBHS and FOT.O.
Approval/Ratification of Warrants
Motion By ____________________Seconded By________________________
Proposed Action: Approve Consent Calendar as listed. (ROLL CALL VOTE)
The Board reports action taken in closed session held prior to the start of the meeting.
XI.   CLOSED SESSION (If necessary)
The Board will report action taken in closed session.
Americans with Disabilities Act Assistance:

Auxiliary aids and services include a wide range of services and devices that promote effective communications for individuals with disabilities. If you require such assistance, please notify the Office of the Superintendent at 826-3801 as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to give primary consideration to expressed preferences or provide equally effective means of communication to insure equal access to Los Banos Unified School District programs and events.


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