Scott Silveira is My Choice for District 5 Supervisor By: Sheriff Vern Warnke

I’m endorsing Scott Silveira for District 5 Supervisor. Scott shares my concerns about Public Safety and he understands the needs of law enforcement, fire personnel and medical first responders. Scott has been a volunteer firefighter for over 20 years including his service as volunteer Fire Chief. He has been in the field and knows what is needed, where it needs to be located and what training our personnel needs to improve response times and reduce incidents.

I have come to know Scott through his leadership as a Los Banos City Councilman and during his tenure on the Merced Spring Fair Board. Scott will work to help us get three key things accomplished:

  • Repeal Proposition 47
  • Strengthening county & school district safety
  • Fund anti-gang and graffiti programs to keep our communities and schools safe  

Why are these important? Proposition 47 was passed in 2015 and reclassified many felony convictions to misdemeanors including drug possession offenses, petty theft, receiving stolen property, and forging/writing bad checks. As a result, criminals many with repeat offenses, had their sentences reduced and many were released back into society. Repealing Prop 47 will keep our most dangerous criminals behind bars and off of our streets.

With all of the school related incidents and corresponding news coverage, parents, teachers and school administrators want to ensure our children our safe at school. Ensuring campus safety is a partnership between our school officials and law enforcement. Scott has the relationships on both sides of this issue to help foster and strengthen our school safety programs.

Finally, we need a plan to address gang activity and graffiti removal to keep our communities and schools safe. As Sheriff I am looking forward to having a strong voice on the Board of Supervisors to deal with these issues head-on, and to find ways to address these issues long term.

Scott Silveira will be a strong voice for District 5 and will get the job done.


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