Sharron Angle visits Los Banos Tea Party Leader’s Meeting

By Sondra Palocsay
Sharron Angle, former Candidate for Senate from Nevada, made an impromptu visit to the Los Banos Tea Party Patriots Leader’s meeting last Sunday to discuss California’s Voter Integrity Project. Ms Angle’s visit encouraged the Tea Party to continue the fight for Conservative causes and candidates and to help ensure that the voter roles are correct. Ms Angle discussed her Senate run and the competition from Harry Reid and his Government union supporters. The talk was humorous and poignant as she discussed the campaign. Ms Angle is a down home and approachable person who’s views are conservative and fit in with most Americans, especially the 40% of Californians who identify themselves as conservative.  Ms Angle is actively working to help various conservative groups make a difference.
Ms Angle signed her new book, Right Angle, about her campaign experience for the group, proceeds of which go to voter integrity projects.
Anyone interested in learning more is invited to come to the next Los Banos Tea Party Patriots meeting, Thursday Jan 5 at 7:00 PM at the Miller & Lux building.

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