Sixteen Arrests for October 15, 2017

The Merced County Jail reports the following people as being arrested during October 15, 2017. Inclusion in this listing is not an admission of guilt, and each and every person should be given their day in court.

Photos and information courtesy of the Merced County Sheriff’s Department.

Juan Manuel Chavez
Domestic Violence

Marina Isamar Cruz Gomez
Drug Paraphernalia

Rush Noah Devault
Receive Stolen Property

Alan Doyle Febbie
Felon w/ Firearm
Felon w/ Ammo

Evan Edward Ingles
Receiving Stolen Property

Danny Maldonado
Domestic Violence
False Imprisonment

Iran Martinez
Court Order Violation

Alex Miranda

Ulises Valle Moreno

Miguel A Pulido Perez
Drug Paraphernalia
Drug Influence

Fernando Soto Ramirez
Domestic Violence

Sarah Roxanne Rocha
Probation Violation

Daniel Saucedo
Possess Dirk/Dagger

Sandra Fatino Silva
Public Intoxication

Channing Mitchell Smith
Domestic Violence

Andre Lamar Walker
Probation Violation
Possess Dirk/Dagger
Drug Possession


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