The Rock Zone

Harry “Catfish” Cambell Jr.

By Mariann Chew

Hello musicians out there,yes the Rock Zone is still alive and well and it’s rock & roll heart is still beating, at times it stays out of the loop being that I’m usually covering other stories but no worries because the Rock Zone will always be around covering the wealth of local talent.
April 28th would have been Harry Cambell Jr.’s sixty first birthday.  Mr. Cambell passed away August 24, 2010 from lung cancer caused by the exposure to asbestos.   He worked for a roofing company many years ago and broke up the asbestos sheets by hand long before the public became aware of the dangers of asbestos and it’s dust.  Mr. Cambell was an excellent and very well known saxophonist here in Los Banos and the Bay Area.  For full article, please purchase a copy of The Paper.