By Marian Chew

Richard Snelgrove

Richard Snelgrove’s interest in music began when he saw his older brother playing the guitar.  Rich, or “Bluesman” as his friends like to call him, started playing the guitar and drums when he was sixteen.
He taught himself to play both instruments like most musicians of his caliber out of sheer dedication and practice. Besides his drum kit Rich’s main instrument is a blue and red Fender Strat which he faithfully plays at all his gigs.  His two main influences out of many was the one and only legendary Eric Clapton and the late Gary Moore.  One of Rich’s favorite drummers was out of the 1970’s band known as Pablo Cruise.
That drummer was arguably one of the best drummers I have ever seen or heard he quoted. The “Bluesman” was born in San Francisco then moved to San Jose where he played in various bands for awhile and eventually decided to purchase a home in Los Banos in 1992, since the housing market was more reasonably priced than in the Bay Area.
He is an avid motorcyclist, boater and also Collects vintage amps and guitars and when he’s not out performing or working he loves spending quality time with his two female cats, Strata and Peta.  Rich is a self proclaimed cat lover, he also admires dogs but does not have one.
Rich is mainly a Blues guitarist aficionado at heart, but totally enjoys sitting in as a drummer for any bands in need.  On the skins he has the ability and expertise to play Classic Rock, Top 40’s, Blues, Soul, etc.

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